We are currently working to identify ways that we can support current PAGES teachers and PAGES teachers-to-be.


If you have ideas on what would make both meaningful and useful PD for you and your students, we are interested in hearing about your ideas. Please e-mail us at impactscied@illinois.edu

We will be offering PD in the upcoming weeks and in the summer and would love to hear from you as we figure things out together.


PAGES is a collaboration between ImpactSciEd-UIUC and Nextgenstorylines NU.

Elementary,  Middle and High school focused PLCs

Want to learn more about using NGSS Storyline Units? Would you like to talk with teachers who have been lead developers of the NGSS Storyline Units and are using them in their classrooms about their experiences? Want NGSS aligned storyline units to use in your classroom? Then come be part of the 2020 PAGES Summer Institutes!

We had planned on holding summer PD institutes again this  year, but will the COVID19 pandemic, we no longer think that this will be possible-- but we're still interested in having PD. Share with us your ideas about what would be useful for you. Please come back for updates, we will be posting here and through Twitter @ImpactSciEd

Please take care and stay well.