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Status: Ongoing (September 2013– )


Project MICROBE creates free curriculum materials and teacher workshops for middle and high school science teachers to introduce microbes into their classrooms. The curriculum is designed to meet the Next Generation Science Standards by integrating the pioneering work of past and present microbiologists at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Outcomes and Opportunities

The free curriculum unit for middle and high school science teachers is available online through the Project NEURON website (see link above). Professional development opportunities, teacher workshops, and additional curriculum materials from Project MICROBE will be available in the future, so stay connected with Impact on Science Education to get the news first!

Partners and Funding

Project MICROBE came out of Project NEURON and is made possible through the collaboration with Dr. Rachel Whitaker and members of her lab, with funding provided by the National Science Foundation, Award No. DEB0816885.